NOT Your Keys; NOT Your Bitcoin. Celebrate Proof Of Keys!

Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast host Trace Mayer is encouraging HODLERS of Last Resort & everyone in the #bitcoin community to pull off every single satoshi held on any third-party website or exchange and reclaim the financial freedom made possible by #bitcoin. On January 3rd everyone is encourage to celebrate Proof of Keys along with Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary.

Trace says if people don’t learn from past events in the bitcoin community, they are bound to repeat it. Such as the individuals that lost thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin in the Mt. Gox incident in 2014 and countless others who unknowingly gave away their private keys to recover BCash (BCH) and BGold (BTG).

Trace also repeats what Andreas M. Antonopoulos has been saying for years now. “NOT YOUR KEYS; NOT YOUR BITCOIN!”

To learn more and Support Proof of Keys by visit the Proof Of

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