Why Bitcoin Is The BEST Investment Choice.

Bitcoin known as BTC or XBT is the best choice of investment for new people joining the space for MANY reasons, In this post I will list just some of those reasons. While many newcomers into the space are mislead into buying 3rd to 10th tier Altcoins & ICOs with “Get rich quick” promises, ultimately they end up losing money. Another reason they lose money is because they take fiat price into consideration when buying Altcoins thinking that you have to spend over $5,000 USD to buy a bitcoin when the reality is that you can just buy fractions of a bitcoin.

If you would like to avoid losing your hard earned money here are the reasons bitcoin is your best choice.

  1. Bitcoin is the first and most successful cryptocurrency in the World. Bitcoin as an idea was realeased in Satoshi Nakamoto’s “White Paper” titled “Bitcoin a Peer-to Peer Electronic Payment System” on 31 October 2008 and released as working software on 3 January 2009. at the time of posting this article it is currenty 22 August 2018 so bitcoin is  quickly approaching it’s 10 year mark.
  2. Reason number 2 is that bitcoin has the Best developers in the space and it’s been working successfully non-stop for the almost 10 years, Not even VISA or MASTER CARD could say the same.
  3. Reason number 3 is that bitcoin has the most hashing power in the cryptocurrency space. While some altcoins have recently experienced 51% attacks and massive double spending, bitcoin remains STRONG.
  4. My next reason is technology and innovation. Bitcoin has the best technology and innovation in the space, bitcoin’s developers have been constantly working to improve bitcoin since the very early days. in recent months we have implemented SegWit or Segregated Witness, a software implementation that serves 2 purposes. SegWit solved the transaction malleability issue that bitcoin had and increased bitcoin’s block size from 1MB to 2MB making transactions significantly cheaper than they were in 2016 and early 2017. Also, it recently implemented the Lightning Network which makes instant transactions for extremely small transaction fees. More technoly is coming to bitcoin like MimbleWimble, Schnorr Signatures, Bulletproof transactions, & RSK to name a few
  5. Perhaps the one last point I will make is that many altcoins fail and many ICOs fail miserably and we also  have to consider that a large percentage of ICOs are SCAMS here one day and gone the next. examples are: Ethereum Chamber, Bitconnect, USI Tech, Gladiacoin, and more

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